We buy vertical SaaS businesses

We provide founders with capital and operating expertise to take their business to the next stage of growth.

We are building a new infrastructure for European SMBs and freelancers on top of vertical ERPs.

We build industry-specific "neobanks"

We leverage your application and customers data to offer new fintech products to improve the business of your customers.

Looking for a partner for your next steps?

We are not passive financial investors: we get involved and help you accelerate growth and bring your business to the next level for your customers and team.

Boost your growth

We will bring commercial operating experience and best practices to your Company and improve your go-to-market team. 

From SaaS to SaaS + neobank

Vertical SaaS are the perfect distribution platforms for fintech products tailored to your customers. We help you accelerate your platform transformation.

Read our playbook

We operate with an open playbook for founders to apply on their own or to know what to expect when we partner with them.

A word from our founder

What we look for in SaaS businesses?

Here are some of the main characteristics:

Industry specific

Mainly SMB customers

Critical solution for your customers

2M€ - 10M€ ARR


Low churn (80%+ annual retention)

Strong product quality

Positive & ethical team

4+ years of operation

Sounds like you?

We typically work with companies that look like:

We are not a venture nor a private equity fund. We want to partner with you and build on top of what you have already built.

You built your Company, it's growing 10%+ per year and profitable. You never raised much funding. You are either looking to move on or to bring a partner and take the team to the next level.

Profitable and growing

You raised some initial funding, but realize this is not going to be Adyen, Doctolib, or Spotify. 

We are fine with this! With the right expectation, we can build great things together.

Good business, not venture scale

Your business is going well, but you own less than 25% and your investors want to move on. 

We are happy to help you fulfill your potential.

Cap table cleanup

Join our community of founders

Founding and running a Company, sometimes for 10+ years, is both exciting and lonely, especially when all your net worth is tied into this one asset. Be part of our community, exchange with like-minded founders, and build without the stress of losing it all.

We think long term.

We are not optimizing for the quick flip. We want to add value and build for the long term alongside your team.

Full or partial cash out.

Founders can stay or go - we prefer when the CEO stays, but happy to work with you on a transition plan if this is what you need. We build a plan that takes care of your legacy.


Noosa Labs SAS

25 rue de Ponthieu, 75008 Paris


pascal at joincanopy.eu